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All articles and lists that are published by The Central New York Business Journal can be turned into an electronic high-resolution, full color PDF reprint. With the purchase of a reprint you are now able to use the PDF in all your marketing efforts (newsletters, social media, website, etc.). All we ask is the original reprint is not modified from the original design.

Articles can also be preserved as a plaque to celebrate your accomplishments or commemorate your company.

The reprint features:



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What if I do not receive an email after the 24-hour review process?

Visit our customer support page or contact our office at (315) 579-3919.

Can we print or share the reprint?

Yes- as part of your purchase you obtain copyright privileges that will allow you to share your reprint as long as the article reprint isn’t modified from original format.

Can I get a plaque of article as well?

Yes, articles can be preserved as a plaque. Celebrate your accomplishments and commemorate your company’s rankings or article with a plaque created just for you. Reprint purchase will be deducted from plaque price (varies by article size). For more information, go to our Plaque ordering page or contact our business office at (315) 579-3919


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Regular price $50.00