CNY Business Journal Digital Edition Publication

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Receive via email the digital editions and special publications of the Business Journal for 1-year (52 weeks) every Friday morning.

The Central New York Business Journal Digital Edition Publication is a product we know you will love!

Instead of getting the print version of the paper, why not get the digital version.

It comes out every Friday morning, sent straight to your email.

It has the latest business news, upcoming events, opinion pieces, business tips, people on the move, and more.

Don't miss out on articles such as VIEWPOINT: Digital transformation is imperative to combat health care’s labor crisisFive Steps for N.Y. employers to save on health-care costs, or Morris starts expanded role as Berkshire Bank’s N.Y. regional president.

Note: the digital editions comes in PDF format, and you will receive each Friday an email notification to download the current week's issue. A valid email address is required for this offer.

This offer does not include the following:

*Annual Book of Lists of any format

*Full online access to

*Any Printed materials